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ADAPT's Laguna Honda Campaign



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How would you like to spend the rest of your
life in a nursing home or other institution?

Neither would we.
Let's do something about it NOW.
Activate your license to change the system.

WANTED: Advocates with an appetite for victory.
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See how we freed our people in Missouri:

The Missouri Plan that worked
The Missouri Law that was its result

but... Now Missouri says:
"You're not poor enough --
get thee to a nursing home."

Or build your own plan using our Blueprint

Browse this site to learn more about how
people can stay in their own homes
and out of nursing homes and other institutions.

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What is Freedom Clearinghouse?
What is our mission?

Mau-Mau the Bureaucrats
Strategy in depth
by Lucy Gwin
editor, Mouth Magazine

To find out what your State says it's doing
to implement Olmstead, go to http://www.ncsl.org/programs/health/forum/olmsappb.htm, click on your State

The underutilized Personal Care Option
(as explained by Steve Gold).


ADAPT's Laguna Honda Campaign

May 21, 2003. MiCASSA EVENT Details

ADAPT Storms DC, White House

June 18, 2001.
George W. Bush issues Olmstead Executive Order.

April, 2001
CILs step up Olmstead support with training and information. Contact Sharon Finney sfinney@bcm.tmc.edu. Voice phone: 713-520-0232, TTY: 713-520-5136, Fax: 713-520-5785.

March, 2001.  NCSL Report.
The State's Response to the OLMSTEAD decision.

August, 2000:
A compelling study finds that people with disabilities who live in nursing homes often face daunting barriers to living independently again. The study, from Access Living of Chicago and Loyola University's Center for Urban Research and Learning, also finds that a majority of nursing home inmates would live elsewhere if they could. The link above will take you to the study, a 15-page pdf file you can print out in just a few minutes. We'd use it as AMMO in talks with state agencies. It's respectable, reasonable, and only as radical as the Olmstead decision itself.

July 27, 2000:
HCFA & HCFA/OCR letters to State Medicaid Directors: Olmstead Update No 2, Olmstead Update No 3 . January 13, 2000: Olmstead Update No.4 and Olmstead Update No.5


Alabama | Indiana | Missouri | Delaware | Louisiana


Inclusion Daily

The Dimenet Hot News Network

NAPAS report on State's progress implementing Olmstead

Feb. 12, 2000:
NEW YORK TIMES: 'Government Edict'

January, 2000:

More Freedom Clearinghouse updates



Our BLUEPRINT for a State Plan to implement Olmstead


How to Negotiate Effectively with State Officials

Documenting Basics

Forms you can use to get people out of institutions

The Community Imperative

Court challenges after Olmstead

Legal Theories Behind State Challenges to Constitutionality of Title II of the ADA (and Section 504)

New from HCFA [Jan 24, 2001]:Understanding Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services: A Primer.

System Change Grants for Community Living.

An Analysis of Olmstead Complaints: Implications for Policy and Long-Term Planning. This is a 7-page file in PDF format.

Olmstead and Nursing Homes - Information Bulletin #25. From Steve Gold.

MORE . . .  

" Somebody else controls your life, as if you're a child. But they do things with you that we wouldn't do to kids," says Dohn Hoyle of the Washtenaw Association for Community Advocacy


photo montage of Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson

Lois Curtis, Elaine Wilson: faces of freedom
Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson fought the state of Georgia all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Georgia made them go into an institution to get the daily services they needed. The Supreme Court said, "That's segregation."

In its June, 1999 decision, Olmstead v. L.C. & E.W.,the Court said that Americans can no longer be forced into nursing homes or other institutions without good reason. Because of that decision, states must let us use our Medicaid dollars for the assistance we need to stay in our own homes, in our own communities.

Can people who need help live outside an institution?

Why don't we hear much about "consumer control?"

Who will resist our efforts?

What's happening in California?


photo of adapt activist lying in road 

Who are these people? What do they want?
Lying in the road, chained to a wheelchair, blocking traffic on the main drag in Baltimore, Maryland, what did this man hope to accomplish?

The man shown here is nursing home survivor, one of hundreds of members of ADAPT who are engaging in ongoing actions to get our federal officials to change their policies on putting people in nursing homes. More.

Who are the stakeholders in this effort?

What do people in nursing homes and institutions really want?

What happens to people after they get out of nursing homes and institutions?


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Are you safe in a nursing home?

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Steve Gold explains the Personal Care Option.

What about The Woodwork Effect?

Know Your Enemy

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