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What you need to know

How can people who need help live outside an institution?

What are the costs?

What happened at the Supreme Court last June in Olmstead v. L.C. and E.W. and how does it affect our work at Freedom Clearinghouse?

What's "consumer control"?

photo of Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson

What's the "most integrated setting" mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The history of the "Nursing Home Bias"

Legal challenges that have been made against state institututionalization practices

Do federal laws need to be changed?

What is MiCassa?

Medicare's Home Health Care Database. Ratings of Medicare-certifed Home Health Care Agencies.

Woman with sign reading "There's a price on our heads."

Enemies -- and friends -- to Watch Out For

What are Nurse Practice Acts and why are they a problem?

What about "The Woodwork Effect"?

What do you say about The Safety Issue??


What can states offer now to let people live in freedom?

What activists in some states are doing

Who will resist our efforts?


Map of U.S.


Websites to use before you meet with your state Medicaid director

What other issues do we need to address? Email us and let us know. If you have information about your state that should be on this website, tell us!


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