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Mike Auberger of ADAPT

As of June 22, 1999, when the Supreme Court handed down the Olmstead decision, the "most integrated setting" provision of the ADA is the law of the land. States which provide long-term care services to people with disabilities must now offer choice to each person: Where do you want those services to be delivered?

Our MISSION . . .
Mike Oxford of TILRC with a microphone

1. To recruit and organize grassroots advocates who will press states to obey the law and free our people.

2. To furnish tools to those advocates so that they can succeed in their mission.

3. To communicate to states and advocates information about the best methods for delivering services at home.


photo of Lois Curtis smiling a huge smile Lois Curtis was one of the two winning plaintiffs in L.C. and E.W. v Olmstead. Photo by Tom Olin.



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