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What's going on in Missouri?

In a reversal of the Olmstead process in what had once been the state we figured would be the first to free our people, Governor Holden signed a budget changing the Spenddown process, which, in the words of Cindy Eckstein, board member of S.I.L. and herself threatened by the Missouri Spenddown changes, "essentially makes the Olmstead Decision null and void. As of October 1, 2002, thousands of Missourians will be placed in nursing homes."

She further states: "I will no longer be able to live independently in the community using the P.A.S. program and will have to sell my home which I have owned for 6 years now. In my opinion the state of Missouri will no longer be a free state after October 1. How can we stop this disaster from happening?"

More about it from Cindy, in a statement she read at the June 20 Columbia, MO protest. Cindy can be reached at

News release for the Day of Action June 20 Columbia, MO protest.

Dana Miller's Open Letter to the Governor.

Mark Stone, Exec. Dir. of Columbia's Services for Independent Living urges all who are at risk of being institutionalized due to the change in the October 1, 2002 Spenddown policy to contact Pam Betts, at P&A, at 1-800-392-8667. P&A is looking for a test case under Olmstead and this could solve the class action problem. Read the full text of Mark Stone's email.

Letter from Rich Blakley, Executive Director of Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence, who urges all to contact the governors office. Contact information for Governor Holden's office is included.


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